Welcome to the BCPS P&C Association

The P&C Association is a voluntary organisation that encourages parent participation and involvement in the school.  The primary function of the P&C is to raise funds for the school, supporting the school with beneficial community initiatives and subsidising events that benefit the students.  The P&C is a forum for developing links between parents and teachers, an information forum for understanding what is happening during the year, and a forum from which we generate our warm, friendly and supportive school community.

The P&C also manages a Facebook page where you can find out what events are coming up and if there are spots where we need volunteers.  We encourage you to join the page www.facebook.com/bcpspnc  and join the P&C!

What to do next….

  1. Look out for P&C news in the school newsletter on Connect and come along to a P&C meeting.  Join up as a member (bring $1) and we will introduce you to some great new friends!
  2. If you have an idea or a suggestion, or can volunteer to do school banking, simply drop a note in the P&C box in the School Office.
  3. If you can help in the Canteen, visit the Buzz Bar Canteen Manager and introduce yourself.
  4. When we ask for donations, need help selling raffle tickets or need other support, reach out and help!  Your support would be greatly appreciated.
  5. If you have questions, please contact us; email BannisterCreek.PnC@gmail.com or Facebook www.facebook.com/bcpspnc or leave a message in the P&C box in the School Office.

If we all do a little as a P&C, we achieve a lot!