School Board

The Bannister Creek Primary School Board consists of 13 members – our School Principal, 4 Parent Representatives, 4 School Representatives and 4 Community Representatives.

The Board meets regularly twice per term on a Monday afternoon.

The role of the School Board is to take part in:

  • Establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and policy direction and approving funding to meet those needs
  • Evaluating the school’s performance
  • Promoting the school in the community
  • Formulating codes of conduct for students
  • Approving the dress code for students
  • Selection of the Principal


School Board Members for 2024 are listed below:                                                                                              

Susan Archdall - Principal                                               

Howard Christie -Staff Representative (DP)                                                

Jodie Gavranich - Staff Representative (Teacher)                                  

Elizabeth Shurman - Staff Representative (DP)                                     

Melanie Strother- Staff Representative (Teacher)                                       

Paul Raftery - Parent Representative (Chairperson)                      

Dr Paul Kebble -Parent Representative (Chairperson)                    

Tina Jones - Parent Representative (Vice Chairperson)          

Stacey Avery -  Parent Representative                                            

Tony Ockwell - Parent Representative                                         

Fran Laine (Bill Johnston) -Community Representative                                 

Jodie Wyatt- Community Representative                                           

Jessica Alderman -Community Representative                                               

Mark Bain- Community Representative