Our Administration / Student Services Staff:

Principal- Susan Archdall

Deputy Principal- Howard Christie

Deputy Principal- Elizabeth Shurman

Deputy Principal- Kailee Marshall 

Manager Corporate Services- Marnie Herbert

School Officer- Grace Edson

School Officer- Ashleigh Rawlings


Psychologist- Lauren Mason

Ed Connect Coordinator- Cheryl Rooney

AIEO- Wayne McNamara

EAL/D- Matthew Byng

Behaviour Support Coach- Sasha Findlay

Chaplain- Tammara McKeown

CMS- Dana Beinke


Our amazing team of Teachers and their classrooms:

Egret Block/ ECE Area

Rm 1 Kindy (1A)- Jodie Gavranich / Kristy Scahill

Rm 1 Kindy (1B)- Jodie Gavranich / Kristy Scahill

Rm 2 Kindy (2A)- Paula Wiley

Rm 3 Pre Primary- Naomi Hinchcliffe

Rm 4 Pre Primary- Louise Barlow / Christine Thomas

Rm 5 Pre Primary- Gina Carswell / Shannen Hett

Rm 6 Pre Primary- Amy Drummond / Cynthia Yong

Rm 7 Year 1- Carolyn Curtis

Rm 8 Year 1- Kylee Steed / Doak-Blight

Spoonbill Block

Rm 9 Year 1- Melanie Strother

Rm 10 Year 2- Nicole Grandidge

Rm 11 Year 2- Callan Hegarty

Ibis Block

Rm 12 Year 2/ Year 3- Malka Welideniya

Rm 13 Year 2- Lauren Benwell / Annabelle Perkins

Rm 14 Year 3- Maddy Southey

Rm 15 Year 3- Clare Little

Rm 16 Year 3- Juanita O'Neill

Heron Block

Rm 17 Year 4- Zoe Harper / Kim Addison

Rm 18 Year 4- Jordan Hands

Rm 19 Year 4/ Year 5- Kirsty Leong

Rm 20 Year 5- Dana Beinke / David Rakuscek

Rm 21 Year 5- Julie Stone / Bianca Zall

Rm 22 Year 6- Matthew Byng / Bianca Disilvio

Rm 23 Year 6- Sarah Harrison


Specialist Teachers :

Art - Enya Chen

Chinese - Priscilla Prince and Olivia Xu

Music - Matt Aitken and Tina Beh

Sport - Arphi Paul


Our lovely team of Education Assistants:

Mainstream- Elaine Choo

Mainstream- Trish Clark

Mainstream- Brooke Holland

Mainstream- Jacob Khoo

Mainstream-  Stacey Pope

Mainstream- Dawn Rivers

Mainstream- Michelle Wheaton

Mainstream- Dimity Nelson

Special Needs- Jess Choong

Special Needs- Naomi Jenkinson

Special Needs- Sue Linnegar

Special Needs- Sarita Lundstrom

Special Needs- Anisha Vara

Special Needs- Gina Waller 

Special Needs- Sonal Vyas


Intervention Support- Carol Munro

Intervention Support- Darshika Chouhan

Intervention Support- Renee Dauven


Our other wonderful support staff:

Library Officer- Helen Bretherton

Library Officer- Tanja Pope

IT Tech- Karl Schicker

Gardener / Handyman- Bryce Instance

Cleaner in charge- Susan Latumbo

Cleaner- Lillibeth Dato

Cleaner- Nining Scaresbrook