The Bannister Creek Primary School Canteen (the BC Buzz Bar) is operated by the Bannister Creek Primary School P&C.

The new Canteen Supervisor is Julie Holliway, who is supported by a small group of P&C members and volunteers that support the canteen in its day-to-day operation.

HELP!  Julie always needs new volunteers to help prepare food and serve the students. Usually just a few hours every now and again is all that she requires. No experience or qualifications are necessary, just a willingness to help. Please see Julie if you would like to assist or want more information about the canteen.

Download our Canteen Buzz Bar Menu here

Healthy Eating

The BC Buzz Bar follows the “Traffic Light” healthy eating programme.

RED Foods – Deemed unhealthy. These types of food do not appear on our menu.

AMBER Foods – Available in limited and quantity controlled amounts.

GREEN Foods – Encouraged eating and available at all times.

For more details, has all the information about the Traffic Light system and will help you with good eating for packed lunches and meals at home.

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